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Infinitely scalable DCIM Software Suite for total IT facility management.

NetSense is a completely scalable solution with the ability to monitor unlimited virtual devices and multiple brand support. With its secure audit trail, billable reporting and custom integration potential, NetSense puts you at the helm of total system management.

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SafetyNet Series 5 Environmental Monitoring System Range

SafetyNet Series 5 Range is a set of next generation web enabled network environmental monitoring systems, delivering flexibility in configuring and viewing the monitored sensor status from remote locations. Analogue sensors supported by the device are Temperature, Humidity, AC Voltage and DC Voltage. Digital Sensors can be Smoke, Fluid, Security, or Zoned Security. These sensors are constantly monitored by SafetyNet Series 5.

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Ideal for Data Centres offering maximum security

A POE (Power-over-Ethernet) driven solution can be managed from your NOC (Network Operations Centre). Our World Class solution allows complete access control to your Racks.

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Vapour Soldering VS-500 - Australian Distributors

Decrease your ecological footprint with the VS-500 Concept. This compact yet versatile and powerful off-line Vapor Soldering System is capable of soldering the most complex SMT boards up to 500 x 500 mm. Every PCB will be soldered with the highest achievable quality due to: The inert atmosphere created from the used medium Incomparable delta T across the board. No operator errors possible.

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Intelligent Power allows for turning powered devices on or off,as well as power cycling devices on the server rack just by visiting a webpage & controlling the power outlet of the device connected. The current load and the environmental sensor status on the Intelligent Power can be monitored via the webpage and the LCD screen.

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30 Years in Electronics Design & Manufacturing

Computer Support Systems is a leading electronics & software & designer and manufacturers, with a strong reputation of being committed to providing the highest quality, innovative measurement and monitoring products and enterprise management monitoring software solutions, which are today in some of the world’s finest IT Facilities and a diverse range of industries and markets including: Government, Manufacturing, Managed Services and retail.

Proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, our expertise is in products used to monitoring facilities, the infrastructure within and Intelligent power rails.  We provide management solutions for consolidation of notification systems into user friendly, intuitive applications.

CSS has an experienced design and manufacture team with the ability to offer local and in-house contract and OEM electronics manufacturing capabilities including.



Complete scalable monitoring products and solutions for every business.  100% Australian built and leaders in covering your monitoring hardware and software needs.



Design excellence puts our products ahead of the rest.  Designed and guaranteed to be the “last man standing”.