Computer Support Systems

About Us

Computer Support Systems was founded by the present Managing Director, Robert Hallas in 1982 and has been an important participator in the development of local products to meet the ever changing environmental needs of computer facilities.

Computer Support Systems is principally an electronic manufacturing enterprise, which designs, installs and maintains sophisticated environmental monitoring and alarm management products for the security, communications and data systems industries.

Over the many years of our operation we have formed service partnerships with such companies as Wang, Unisys and Fujitsu and are widely recognised as the leading Australian supplier of computer room monitoring equipment. Our philosophy of building strong relationships with our customers has been achieved through high standards of service and the delivery of the service when it is required.

Computer Safeguard was awarded the Australian Design Award in 1987 and has continued to build on that reputation with continuous improvements to meet the changing telecommunication and network requirements of our clientele. In achieving this endorsement we have displayed our commitment to customer service with a track record of consistently providing quality solutions.

Our geographical coverage has expanded to include all states of Australia, with distributors in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Computer Support Systems recognised very early in our development that the products we manufacture must continue to evolve to meet changing circumstances. Therefore we are committed to continuing to invest in new Research and Development for not only our products and operating systems and to identify new opportunities in the design and manufacture of Australian Made solutions to technological needs.

We incorporate these skills into our overall strategic business plan as a way of increasing and sustaining competitiveness and productivity. This results in newer improved and cost effective products for our clients and development of value added products for use at home and export abroad.