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ISONAS PowerNet™ Reader is the first, panel-free, IP reader-controller with Power Over Ethernet. Install an unlimited number of readers with no panels or hubs to worry about. PowerNet readers are supplied with a pigtail used for connecting auxiliary devices, electronic strikes, REX buttons etc. Pigtails are available in the standard 4' length as well as 10' and 25'. 

The ISONAS PowerNet line of Door Access Control products are sold as reader/controller units because the intelligence built into each and every model is designed to not only read RFID cards but also to control a door and other devices. All ISONAS reader models include powerful Crystal Matrix Software™ and feature the ability to:

  • sense if a door is open or closed
  • process a Request To Exit (REX)
  • process an auxiliary input of the customers choosing and
  • set up to 2 output lines.

Why new, panel-free technology is better

When ISONAS readers are connected to a network and communicating with Crystal Matrix Software™, the intelligence managing access at the door is controlled by your authorized security personnel from the PC. Once you have customized your desired access control the software instructs the reader/controller what to do and the controller will process all the commands. This means that access can be changed and maintained by an authorized user from anywhere at anytime via the company network. No more high-maintenance control panels! 

ISONAS reader/controllers offer a state-of-the-art security solution - one that will automatically switch from network mode to stand-alone mode should the network become unavailable for any reason - without the need to communicate to the software. 

IP readers 

ISONAS readers communicate on the network using an industry-standard TCP/IP protocol. They are compatible with whatever is already connected and running on the network because they behave like other IP network devices. They also can be ordered pre-configured to read HID cards. 

The reader connects to any Ethernet network with a standard RJ45 connector. IP readers are typically selected by customers using standard Ethernet networks in their buildings who demand access control consistent with the reliability, simplicity and speed afforded by the network. 

The readers can be purchased in "HID-enabled" models which read a variety of HID 125 KHz cards, including: 

  • Proxcard II
  • ISOProx II
  • DuoProx II
  • Smart DuoProx II
  • iCLASS Prox
  • Proximity and MiFare
  • Proxkey II
  • MicroProx
  • DuoProx
  • PhotoProx
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