Computer Support Systems

Asset Tracking

Manage all your assets.  Track every device instantly with all your standard asset information stored at time of deployment.  Deploy, relocate and decommission assets live and instantly ensuring total management of all active assets.  Match your register to your physical assets instantly.

From physical assets in your data facility, which may include servers, switches, etc... Or of outsourced, either the assets belong to your organisation or you pay for the use of the host providers assets.  Outsourced solutions include hosted facilities such as Data Centres, Managed Services and/or the Cloud services.  All appear to reduce the management of physical computers, computer rooms or in-house data facilities thus requiring immediate impact for space, power, cooling and hardware technicians or specialised skill sets.  In reality, responsibilities are merely shifted to another location or perhaps to someone else, but often the assets remain the responsibility of the IT Management Team.

Active Asset Tracking & Management

Now you can track every asset regardless of where it resides can now have full visibility with alerts of illegal or unscheduled movement of this asset. 

  • Computer Support Systems Active Asset Tracking System  tracks every item within every rack within every location
  • Connect your provisioning and/or Asset Management department directly to all inventory of IT Assets.
  • Track every asset – every location – globally – down to the rack and RU - instantly.
  • Manage deployment – decommissioning by any location, rack or RU.
  • Track unscheduled movement – Alerts from specific RU’s
  • Upload your asset information
  • Download all active asset information and report and/or upload to your current asset registry.

As we deploy and outsource more infrastructures, we must be more explicit in actively documenting and tracking systems now considered assets.   This level of sophistication may appear overkill for smaller companies but you will be amazed at how time efficient active asset tracking can be.  Businesses in a state of constant flux or rapid growth are exposed to changes in disciplines that may reduce the efficiency of records. Your registry may include anything from your physical servers to network connections, access accounts, vendors, whatever is applicable on the asset registry today.   

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