Computer Support Systems

Data Centres

Specialist in the monitoring of all critical facility infrastructure (HVAC) monitoring, power rails – metered, intelligent per outlet, and many scalable solutions.  Our range of products caters for all operational monitoring needs, including cctv, access control and enterprise network operations management solutions.  Every product is open architecture and the connectivity and technology required is manufactured and software/firmware developed onsite.  

Operations often require different notifications methods, but always require fast, effective, clear alerts that provide high visibility with minimal overhead, intuitive interface, segregation of duties, minimal training and fully supported locally. 

All devices are designed to be the  “last man standing”, connecting facility equipment designed to control the environment or provide redundancy services for your facility; we keep you informed even when all other means of communication and power are exhausted or you are not onsite.

If high availability is your goal, then Computer Support Systems solutions are the only answer.

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