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LuxRiot is equipped with Unique, Advanced and Industry Standard Surveillance

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LuxRiot is a highly stable software, easy on any network and very easy to deploy with the advanced Auto Detection feature for IP cameras. LuxRiot also provides extreme flexibility as it can manage unlimited servers, sites, and cameras remotely, quickly and efficiently. LuxRiot is an open architecture Video Management Software (VMS) for Windows. LuxRiot accepts MJPG, MPEG-4 and H.264 as well as Full HD and megapixel video streams from Network (IP) cameras, encoders and capture boards. This along with LuxRiot client-server architecture allows to build hybrid scalable solutions from a single NVR/DVR to multiple servers handling thousands of cameras.

LuxRiot accepts video streams from Network (IP) cameras from 60+ manufacturers including all major manufacturers such as Axis, Arecont Vision, Pixord, SONY, JVC, Panasonic, IQinVision, Toshiba, Zavio, Acti, Vivotek (more than 900+ models supported) LuxRiot also works with several DVR cards, like H.264 (up to 960fps and 32 channels at D1 resolution) boards from UDP and other manufactures. Moreover LuxRiot is considered to be a hybrid system, since a DVR card with analog cameras, IP cameras and IP mega pixel cameras, could be combined together on a single server.

Fully-featured Client application – All functions, without exceptions may be controlled both locally and remotely (only one user interface). Anyone operating the client application can connect to the server, access live and recorded video, change settings, etc. in accordance with granted user rights.


  • Server can run as a Windows Service – (no need to login). This feature allows the running LuxRiot server to go virtually unnoticed. Also the server can run without logging in, so the security of the server is not compromised. Server can run as a stand alone server using Windows Exclusivity.
  • Supports unlimited number of cameras – (hardware limitations may apply). The Enterprise edition imposes no limitations on how many cameras can be connected to a server. Although hardware performance cap (mostly CPU productivity and network bandwidth) may still connect to several hundred cameras, however, in time will decrease these limitations as hardware efficiency grows.
  • Efficient CPU usage – If used in connection with Network (IP) cameras, Network Video Servers or DirectShow devices, the server will not use the power of the CPU to digitalize video and audio; this means that the CPU usage will be low enough to avoid interference with other software applications enabling the user to use the server for various applications in conjunction with video monitoring.
  • Full featured local and remote playback – With search on motion and areas of motion you can now find momentary clips of video without searching for hours. For LuxRiot instance, if an object is missing just highlight the area and hit go. LuxRiot will take you to all of the video clips that had motion in that area until you are satisfied.
  • Audio Support - Supports: Two way Audio from IP cameras Sanyo, Axis (more manufactures will supported in our next release). One way Audio is supported from the H.264 frame grabber HP4000EX and from devices that expose themselves as (compatible) MS DirectShow devices, this includes USB audio devices.
  • Bandwith Control (VIDEO TRANSFER Properties): Our advance built-in module in all LuxRiot editions allows you to, enable time laps broadcast, Motion control video Transfer, Bandwidth controlled Broadcast, And Video re-compression for optimum video frame rate according to available bandwidth.
  • Supported compressions: H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, JPEG.
  • Client configuration – (screen layout, connection to servers, etc) is a registered file type, so it is possible to store different configurations on one computer, email them etc.
  • Support for the standard DirectShow devices – The list of these devices includes everything from very basic USB cameras to camcorders to advanced multichannel video capture boards. These devices can be used alone or together with supported hardware and/ or IP cameras.
  • Screen may be configured for HDTV monitor.
  • Supports all major brands of IP (Network) security cameras – Network (IP) cameras by multiple manufacturers are supported; the list of supported IP cameras is growing rapidly and an addition of a not yet supported camera may be expedited upon request.
  • IP Camera Configuration – All IP cameras on the LAN may be configured via Auto Search Wizard. Using the Wizard a user is able to find all Network IP cameras available within the network. A user can configure them and connect them in no time and with little effort.
  • Full range of editions – For all needs and budgets from Personal to Enterprise.
  • Global configuration: All cameras, IP and Analog can be configured globally all at once for Recording, Motion, Video motion information, Time Lapse, Motion control, Event, and Storage Quote.
  • Camera status report: LuxRiot DVR offers new helper application Camera Status Report
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