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NetSense Hardware Device

NetSense Hardware Device

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The NetSense Humidity and Temperature Sensors are a range of Power over Ethernet, web enabled, environmental monitoring devices designed with an emphasis on simplicity, portability and convenience.

They are remotely monitored and controlled over the network using standard web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Opera. Conveniently, they will also work on smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and other modern Android based handsets.

The NetSense humidity and temperature sensors come in two varieties. The rest of which is the standard model that contains a single humidity and temperature sensor and the second model adds to the features of the standard model by including two universal dry contact digital inputs.

In a nutshell, the role of these devices is to monitor the state of the humidity, temperature and digital inputs and notify the user when the inputs are in the user configurable state of warning or alarm. The notification mechanism involves recording the event in the devices internal logs as well as optionally transmitting alerts over the network using email and SNMPv2 notifications.

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