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Infinitely scalable DCIM Software Suite for total IT facility management.

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NetSense creates a uniform view of each monitored site or device. The intuitive single-screen dashboard presents a birds-eye view across one or multiple sites. As network infrastructure and environment facility devices evolve, the uniquely open architecture of the NetSense platform monitors most industry standard protocol equipment. NetSense is a completely scalable solution with the ability to monitor unlimited virtual devices and multiple brand support. With its secure audit trail, billable reporting and custom integration potential, NetSense puts you at the helm of total system management.

IT Facility Management

The NetSense management console features geo location capability that drills down from country to city, building, floor-plan and rack-plan. Simple colour coded icons provide a device legend and active monitoring of each system device. Instant temperature, humidity, IP and MAC readouts that determine the need for further investigation are available upon mouse hover. NetSense provides real-time trending across your network, including power consumption, data flows and individual device activity. NetSense is a Windows-based, VMware compliant, multi-user, smart client system that includes active directory plus role-based user security.

A powerful billing advantage

NetSense enhances your site security with live system access that heralds a new remote office age. With control over security devices such as boom gates, premises entry or a single rack door, the unstaffed office becomes a possibility. The CCTV monitoring and recording, motion activated, multi-screen video management facilitates swift remote visitor identification, admission and revoking once work is complete. Similarly you can provide rack-door open/closure access and auditing.

Your steadfast climate sentry

NetSense displays climate information with pinpoint accuracy, from a single rack to entire data centres. The simple user interface allows you to manage one or multiple environments to maintain devices at optimum performance. Whether you choose to act on an early warning alert or environment alarm, NetSense helps lower the risk of an outage and avoid costly equipment damage or crucial data loss.

User-friendly Console

Whether you need advanced monitoring capability for your own data centre or the right solution for clients, NetSense offers ground-breaking advantages like:

  • Simple graphic representation with drag-and-drop device legend for current equipment status;
  • Real time alerts and alarms with custom tolerance settings for proactive monitoring and control;
  • Auto discovery tools or easy IP detection and activation to ensure equipment monitoring from device deployment;
  • Secure audit trail providing a traceable action sequence from the earliest warning to outage to resolution with operational notes;
  • Billable reporting with CSV data export for accurate usage detail and on-billing to clients;
  • Custom integration with existing systems to provide useful functionality such as selective alert forwarding;
  • Intelligent power enabling remote on/off and sequential start-up capability for precedent dependent provisioning;
  • Devices may include the SafetyNet Series with its own battery power adding continued SMS notification for up to 6 hours after an outage;
  • Windows based, VMware compliant, multi-user, smart client system, active directory plus role-based security.
  • SNMP Standard; SNMP Receiver Service;
  • CCTV, Access control;
  • API Available

A full-featured solution, NetSense supports the most complex multi-location operations yet remains ideal for single device support or emerging service providers.

An IT novice can navigate the intuitive NetSense dashboard with ease.

One Tool. One Screen. One Solution.

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