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SafetyNet Series 5

SafetyNet Series 5 Environmental Monitoring System Range

SafetyNet Series 5

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SafetyNet Series 5 Range is a set of next generation web enabled network environmental monitoring systems, delivering flexibility in configuring and viewing the monitored sensor status from remote locations. Analogue sensors supported by the device are Temperature, Humidity, AC Voltage and DC Voltage. Digital Sensors can be Smoke, Fluid, Security, or Zoned Security. These sensors are constantly monitored by SafetyNet Series 5.

SMS features on SafetyNet Series 5 allows the freedom in receiving messages on your mobile phone if the monitored environment is in alarm. The SMS feature is optional and require a product version with an inbuilt modem.

SafetyNet Series 5 is an SNMP agent. SNMP traps are sent when alarms are detected as well as when configuration is updated. SNMP allows polling analogue & digital sensor values periodically to store and plot the history of sensor values.

As SafetyNet Series 5 is battery backed, it will not compromise situations when main power has failed. It will continue to operate from 2-6hrs via internal battery; SMS messages shall continue to be sent.

SafetyNet Series 5 contains relays which are remotely controllable as well as configurable to be driven via sensors in alarm conditions.

There are in-built graph features which allows plotting up to 4 pre-determined analogue sensors. Visual data covers a 2 hour, daily, weekly and a monthly graph

SafetyNet Series 5 Product Range

Name Inputs Relays Modem (optional) Manual
SafetyNet Series 5 10 Universal 2 GSM or PSTN
SafetyNet Series 5 Lite 6 Universal 1 GSM
SafetyNet Series 5 Micro 4 Universal 0 GSM
SafetyNet Series 5 D40 40 Digital 2 GSM


  • Web based interface. Requires Java Runtime Environment
  • All sensors are RJ45 connection type that can extend up to 100m
  • Battery backed - lasts up to 6 hours
  • SMS Messages. Requires optional GSM modem and prepaid PIN
    free GSM SIM card
  • 19" rack mountable, 1 RU
  • 240V A/C Input
  • SNMP V1 compatible
  • Camera view with compatible IP camera (contact CSS)
  • External alarm strobe and a buzzer (optional)


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